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Cost-effective Waterfront Homes


Tiny House Boats are modern TinyHouses built on a pontoon boat platforms [see Pontoonswest.com ] so that they can be moved to their permanent or semi-permanent locations on lakes and possibly salt water locations. We have a trailer that can pick them up off the ground where they were built and put back on the ground or floated off at a boat ramp and then be towed or motored to their new location. We can tow them to nearly any loaction that is accessible by a boat ramp or solid shore. We have the capability to tow them on the water as well.

This has the advantage of getting a Tiny House on the water with a much simpler and likely less expensive process as the work of building the home is done in a convenient location. They would still have the TinyHouse look and function. PontoonWest has partnered with a decades long  custom house builder, American Heritage Construction Co. in Spanaway [Troy Wisdom] for the 'house' part of the construction.

Prices of a complete weathered in shell and pontoon base start below $20k. If you assemble it yourself, it could be even less. We can provide kits completed to any level for you to complete or we can complete them.

There are two ways of dealing with waste from the toilet:

1. A 'black water' tank onboard, like a boat with a macerator pump, to pump to a larger onshore tank which can be pumped out by a 'honey bucket' type service on a weekly basis, costing about $100/mo.

2. A composting style toilet which uses solar technology to reduce the volume of fluids with some regular additions of compost starter and less frequent removal of soil.

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